Corona Stornobedingungen
Corona cancellation conditions

Simply more guests

Mediation of guests
24/7 reception service
No additional costs

  • Ø time savings per guest
    Less effort
  • Ø more bookings
    More customers
  • Ø higher income *
    *after deduction of all costs
    No risk

Primeflats offers   more visibility

  • Listing

    You will be listed on all global & local booking sites.
    More visibility = more guests

  • Calendar Sync

    Bookings are immediately synchronized on all booking sites.
    Protection against double bookings

  • Dynamic price optimization

    Up to 3 times a day readjustment of the daily prices to increase occupancy and average price.
    More bookings at higher average prices

  • Free PMS

    We provide you with a property management system with a booking calendar for your own use.
    Free own rental and booking calendar

  • 24/7 – Reception

    On request, we can take over all guest communication around the clock, 7 days a week.
    24/7 – Accessibility for guests

  • Payment: Simple & Transparent

    • No basic fee
    • 20% of the booking value including 24/7 reception
    Fair payment model

Landlord Testimonials

“I had to be available all the time
or could sometimes only answer guests in the evening.
I lost a lot of guests as a result and was constantly stressed.
Today Primeflats does everything for me and I worry less.”

„It’s very complicated, confusing and
time-consuming to advertise on all booking platforms.
Primeflats now manages that for me and
I’ve had 30% more bookings since then.”

“We love our apartments to be furnished with
care and to look after our guests.
But the bookkeeping and the process provided
has always been a problem for us.
Since the time Primeflats have taken over,
we have been able to concentrate on what we enjoy.”

“We have guests from all over the world,
my school English and a few bits of Russian
are unfortunately often not enough for communication.
But the reception at Primeflats takes care of it for me ”