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Primeflats worlds first vacation property marketer.

What does it mean for you? We optimize your listing on all the leading portals, position online advertising and social media campaigns by taking over communications with the guests and the respective portals around the clock. We carry out a risk check of the guests, adjust the process dynamically 3 times a day which optimises the workload. This let’s you earn more money with us and have a lot less work than marketing it on your own. You can enjoy the access to our property management system and booking calendar as a bonus! Sounds Exciting?

Listing – More portals & better positioning More Guests

  • Higher visibility: Be findable for guests on all leading portals.
  • Greater booking probability: All advertisements are processed professionally and thus increases the likelihood of being selected by guests.
  • More experience: Through a constant exchange with all portals, we know what leads to better positioning.

Holiday properties are easier to book with Primeflats!

Yield Management and Marketing – Higher utilization at a better price.

  • Prices are dynamically adjusted up to 3 times a day, taking into account, among other things like local occupancy, holiday times, season, local events and many more. The daily rates are an average 20% higher than with fixed prices.
  • We optimize marketing via portals and supplement them with social media and online advertising.
  • Through our booking calendar, as well as via e-mail, we inform you in real-time about each booking.

More sales through expert knowledge.

Operations: Booking processing is included.

  1. Our team with years of experience are available around the clock via email/phone.
  2. Our reception handles all demanding bookings professionally. A background check is done for guests when our team senses risk.
  3. The holiday property will automatically be deemed unavailable on all other portals for the period booked.
  4. The guest receives booking confirmation, as well as the booking details of the holiday property easily.

Primeflats lowers hassles for hosts without expecting you to go around the clock for your guests.

More Sales – Less Effort – No Risk

  • 20% commission only with successful booking 10% to 60% more sales.
  • Greater occupancy at higher average daily rates.
  • Success guarantee: we guarantee at least 10% more sales, if not we pay € 1,000.

Landlord Testimonials

“I had to be available all the time
or could sometimes only answer guests in the evening.
I lost a lot of guests as a result and was constantly stressed.
Today Primeflats does everything for me and I worry less ”

„It’s very complicated, confusing and
time-consuming to advertise on all booking platforms.
Primeflats now manages that for me and
I’ve had 30% more bookings since then ”

“We love our apartments to be furnished with
care and to look after our guests.
But the bookkeeping and the process provided
has always been a problem for us.
Since the time Primeflats have taken over,
we have been able to concentrate on what we enjoy. ”

“We have guests from all over the world,
my school English and a few bits of Russian
are unfortunately often not enough for communication.
But the reception at Primeflats takes care of it for me ”